Just finished a job for a top secret client. It was a Star Wars spoof featuring their executives in key roles in the film: Luke, Han, Obi Wan and Leah.  All shot on green screen, it featured an original R2D2, original x-wing pilot helmets, and we had the interior of an x-wing fighter built specially by the model makers from Event Horizon.

It was very carefully written and planned in detail, and it’s a testament to a great team who turned it round so fast. It was lots of fun. I co-wrote the script and directed the film.  It’s also great to see executives at the company allowing us to poke fun at them for the sake of comedy.  As well as the technical matter of matching our shots against original Star Wars clips, another challenge was in getting a good performance from the executives. After warming them up and coaching them I was impressed with just how well they acted though. Well done to all!

The film is for an internal conference and the project features interaction between the film and theatrics at the event:

At the start of the film, the classic star wars scrolling paragraph will appear, but the film will be interrupted by storm troopers and Darth Vader, who will invade the actual conference itself.  After they have taken control, the film will continue as Luke Skywalker learns of the fate of his colleagues.  As the film ends Luke will arrive at the conference and do battle with the storm troopers, re-taking control!