If you’re wondering why it’s all gone a little quiet on this page lately, it’s because I’m over here a lot : www.nadaav.com/soundasleep – that’s the microsite for Sound Asleep – a short film comedy I have written and am directing. It’s the first in a series of Bed Time Stories. I’m also spending a lot of time on Sound Asleep’s facebook page – packed full of photos, videos and fun stuff.

Crowd Funding and Flash Mob

My team and I are doing loads of promotion at the moment, ahead of our imminent crowd funding campaign.  We even led the charge at the massive Trafalgar Square Pillow Fight on Saturday.  According to our facebook, at least 900 of the 1800 pillow fighters came down cos we got them excited about it, but it’s probably a lot more, as we managed to get all the London blogs and listings mags excited too.

And our fast turnaround facebook video has had a reach of 120,000 in its first three hours online.

We’ve just uploaded the YouTube version…