Choose Your Own Adventure style corporate video

I am working with Inside Job Productions, a social enterprise, to make an interactive video for charity Red Kite Learning. The film, called Tell/Don’t Tell is aimed at ex-prisoners and ex-offenders, and considers some of the key decisions they must make following release, especially around getting a job and disclosing their criminal records to potential employers.

Inspired by the novels of my childhood

Viewers follow ex-prisoner Dave Brown, making the key decisions for him as struggles to find work, resolves his challenging family circumstances, and deals with the lure of crime. The outcomes and endings viewers experience depend on the choices they make, exactly like the old Choose Your Own Adventure books (my favourite was Your Code Name is Jonah – just looking at that cover takes me back).

Casting Actors and Scouting Locations

At the moment I am casting the key roles, with film shoots scheduled for later this month. I’ve met some talented actors.  I’m also scouting locations. We are still deciding if the project will ultimately be an interactive DVD or an online video project.

I have written the script, which has developed a lot – it started life as a documentary! And I’m really looking forward to directing the shoots.  It’s a challenging project and the budget is tight, but it’s good fun and for a good cause.