Sound Asleep Promo Video Wrapped! Check out the photos


We just wrapped the promo shoot for Sound Asleep


While we edit the video, which introduces a few of the crew and tells a little more about the story, feel free to enjoy these behind the scenes photos, taken by Digpal Singh Rathore – everyone you see is part of the Sound Asleep crew.


 photo photo2_zpsf572bbab.jpg

writer / director Nadaav is having trouble sleeping


 photo photo4_zps75a04493.jpg

producers Ajay and PAul practise their lines



 photo nsoudrysoundasleeppromobts_31-03-13_006_zps7dc8935e.jpg

The crew struggle to stay awake.

L to r: Producer Paul, Casting Director Annie, Writer/director Nadaav, producer ajay, director of photography allen della vaLle




 photo nsoudrysoundasleeppromobts_31-03-13_001_zps9290b9b4.jpg

the crew didn’t realise they’d have to learn lines.

 photo photo3_zps222722c4.jpg




 photo nsoudrysoundasleeppromobts_31-03-13_003_zps2e04ae46.jpg

Finally a happy crew!