Animation: cute explainer video for fin-tech startup

Animation explainer video

written, produced and directed by Nadaav


We’re all very proud of this animation project. I worked with the client to develop a concept and style. After green-lighting, I wrote scripts and worked with animators, illustrators, composers, VO artists and sound designers. Across all the elements: animation, script, voice over and sound design, there is a warm, playful, friendly tone.

The animation explains how peer to peer lending and invoice financing work. It is the second video I have produced for this client. The first is a talking head interview video on a similar topic, for a more traditional investor audience.

I worked with illustrator Peter Ayres to develop the character of Cupid With A Calculator. Peter is also responsible for the logos for Sound Asleep, a short film I am working on.

Cupid With A Calculator from Nadaav's Capital Springboard Animation

Cupid With A Calculator