Comedy & Performance

I create character comedy and performance art.

I write and perform comedy, theatre and immersive. I create quirky worlds, dark characters and audience interaction, inhabiting an awkward space between reality and fiction. I use parody and irony to make social commentary.

Highlights include my stage monologue about identity, Ticked Off, performed at The Space Theatre, funded by Arts Council (England) in 2021, a TV appearance on BBC3’s Things Not To Say To A Scottish Person, and the shows below.

Mike Moe Money: This Is Not A Scam

Mike Moe Money - This is what success looks like

Mike Moe Money is the World #1 Catastroprenuer. A rampant capitalist, and your future business guru. Everything has a dollar sign, especially his courses. Follow Mike Moe Money on facebook for more live events, and subscribe to Mike Moe Money’s YouTube Channel¬† for videos.

As seen at Borderland (Denmark) 2018, Nest (Wales) 2017, Nowhere (Spain) 2016, Burning Man (USA) 2016.

Guru Dave’s Cosmic Ego Trip

Guru Dave is The Master of Meditation, The Top Dog of Tantra, the Highest Charging Healer in the Spiritual Business. You are invited to attend a life changing workshop. Based on my own journey through Tantra, cacao rituals, hugging workshops, sober raves, full moon ceremonies and ashrams. 

Nozstock (UK), Burning Man (USA), Borderland (Denmark), Nest (Wales), Microburn (Wales), Schonburn (Austria), Rosemary Branch Theatre (UK).


What would happen if you had to treat people in person the way you do online? BorderTinder is an interactive dating gameshow that revels in the very worst of digital communication. 

Borderland (Denmark) 2018, 2019, Microburn (Wales) 2018