Art, Performance & Comedy

I make comedy, performance art and installations at festivals around the world.

I use humour, comedy and interactivity to create playful, subversive spaces in which to question the power and persuasion that affect us all. I run occasional creativity, story-telling and ideation workshops for communities and businesses. 

Guru Dave’s Trance & Mental Meditation

An interactive comedy show, satirising the commercialisation of spirituality. Guru Dave is The Master of Meditation, The Top Dog of Tantra, the Highest Charging Healer in the Spiritual Business. You are invited to attend a life changing workshop.

Nozstock (UK), Borderland (Denmark), BBB (Spain), Nest (Wales), Microburn (Wales), Schonburn (Austria), Vienna Burning Ball (Austria), and venues around London.


What would happen if you had to treat people in person the way you do online? BorderTinder is an interactive dating experience that revels in the very worst of digital communication. 

Borderland (Denmark) 2018, 2019, Microburn (Wales) 2018

The Sinners’ Sermon

An immersive comic satire designed for festivals and large scale events. With dozens of performers, communal experiences and unexpected moments, the show examines thousands of years of politics through the prism of religious rituals and sermons. 

Borderland (Denmark) 2016, London Decompression 2016, Nest (Wales) 2017.

The Corporate Takeover

Part networking, part motivational speech, part Dragon’s Den / Shark Tank, The Corporate Takeover is the ultimate examination of free market economics, corporate culture and the start-up scene.

Borderland (Denmark) 2018, Nest (Wales) 2017, Nowhere (Spain) 2016, Burning Man (USA) 2016.