I thought I should write something about my attitude towards the environment, and how you might see it when you work with me.

It is possible to make great films and be environmental

I take environmental matters seriously, and have a well below average carbon footprint.  The main way you might notice this when working with me is that I will probably turn up to most meetings and shoots in cycling gear. Not because I like lycra (I don’t), just because I cycle everywhere. Well, everywhere within reason, but come rain or shine and even in the current snow I am on my bike.

Even when I have to carry computers to pitches, or gear to shoots. Then it’s a quick change into a nice shirt, and with a bit of luck no one even notices. Apart from the cycling bags, the helmet and saddle in my hand (I always remove my saddle, ever since it was stolen from the car park at Flame TV).

So, if you see me catching my breath or trying to smarten up just before we have a scheduled meeting, please remember this is me doing my bit for the planet!

Other Green Film Making Practices

This is the main way I keep my carbon footprint low and reduce fossil fuel emissions.

Other methods include lots of remote working, sharing files and cloud computing to minimise transport to viewings and lots of recycling and re-using (not footage  or ideas! I mean paper, plastics and metals). I prefer bicycle over motorbike couriers and where possible I try to shoot locally, and where not I offset carbon.