The films I’ve been making and will be making: more films for TfL, including some lovely schools’ pieces, and a commercial for Aldi.

Kids Films for TfL

Working for Transport for London has been an unexpected pleasure. From our little basement deep under TfL’s grand headquarters at 55 Broadway a small team of very talented film-makers produce a vast array of films, from the engineering videos I have been making, celebrating the innovations in how the tube is being upgraded, to safety and information films, commercials, event films, promos, launches, b-roll, vfx, animations and, well, you name it.

I work alongside a team of photographers and the product designers. So our office is full of next year’s uniforms, next year’s ticket offices, bits of next year’s trains and busses (my personal – or perhaps commandeered – soft seating area is actually some pretty swanky prototype seats for busses or coaches), as well as all the latest toys and souvenirs that will eventually be sold in the London Transport Museum.

To my surprise I have found myself working on a series of films celebrating the work TfL does in schools. Apparently behaviour change is big on the Transport for London agenda. Nudging us all to use the roads, railways and tubes in ways that are greener, cause less congestion and generally help the city function better. One of those areas is schools, where TfL programmes help schools encourage parents, kids and teachers to walk, cycle or scooter to school rather than drive. But the programme goes much further. It includes road safety of course, but also health and fitness, and schemes to encourage students to identify transport problems in their communities and then funding to fix them.

I’ve been making films to encourage behaviour change in the school communities and generally been having lots of fun filming with school and nursery children.

Aldi Commercial

Next week I have been asked to direct a commercial for budget supermarket chain Aldi. I probably better not say any more about that till it’s on air though.

Giant Pumpkin

It’s almost Halloween, and since I have no photos to illustrate this update here is a slightly blurry of me with a giant bronze pumpkin.
Me with a giant pumpkin photo 2014-10-11173847_zpse98c45f5.jpg