For this tip, you’ll need a brilliant director, and a charismatic presenter with a place in many people’s hearts!

I’ve just finished filming with Fred Dinenage. Readers of a particular vintage may remember him as the long standing presenter of ITV’s How show in the 70s. Younger readers like me grew up on Fred’s tips, alongside Gareth “Gaz Top” Jones, and Carol Vorderman, on CITV’s How 2.

Fred is a veteran broadcaster and a bit of a legend to anyone who grew up with kids TV in Britain. We’ve been filming some How 2 spoofs for the launch of a new video game, and I can assure you, he definitely still has it! Funny, super easy to work with, and put up with me making him say everything in a million different ways.

And he taught me How‘s famous sign off style.

Fred in Action on Kids TV

Just for laughs, let’s take a look at Fred in action back in the day.

This is how I remember him, in How 2 on CITV – even the opening credits and music are a feast of early 90s kids TV!

How Did They Get Away With It?

Here’s the story of that famous hand signal, that they might not get away with anymore!

Fred in the 70’s; here’s how he looked (ITV How)

Older readers might remember Fred with a little more hair, back in the 1970s:

ITV How Opening Credits

And here is the wonderfully bonkers opening sequence to How, ITV, 1970s – reminds me a little of Sesame Street.