Thank you so much to the cast, crew and friends who came down yesterday for the shoot for The Opera Singer. The film is part of the Kino Challenge at London Short Film Festival. The challenge is to make a film in four days and on screening an element of the soundtrack must be performed live. The Opera Singer’s performance will actually be interactive using technology and audience participation, but I can’t say any more without giving the game away. Screening on the 14th, hopefully followed by other festival appearances later in the year.

The Opera Singer directed by Nadaav

The film cost around £100 and a lot of favours, and was turned around in roughly 48 hours thanks to a brilliant team, including
Cast: Lindsay Richardson, Pete J Collis, Hugo Danino

Frank Dow – Director of Photography
Adam Gough – Editor
Lucille Acevedo-Jones – Costume Design
YoYo Tayler – Hair and Makeup
Ralph Stenzel – Additional Sound Design
Demetrius G Pistolas – Camera Assistant
Alex Swinfen – Runner
Georgia Shelton – Art Director
Tom Griffiths – Sound Design
Jane Hobson – Stills

The location was Speakers Palace Recording Studios in Hackney.