Be A Part Of It!

Sound Asleep currently has the following opportunities:


Executive Producers

We are seeking a further 1 or 2 Executive Producers to support the production financially and creatively. Executive Producers will be credited on the film, the DVD case and all promotional material. They will be invited to help shape the creative direction of the project, to attend shoots (in London), to attend post production sessions and comment on rough cuts, to attend screenings and film festivals in the UK and abroad, subject to the film’s acceptance. Executive Producers will be the first thanked in any awards acceptances. This could be a first step towards feature film production and financing, patronage of the arts, or a unique educational experience. Either way EPs will be fully involved in an exciting and unusual project.


Production Designer / Art Director

An art director or production designer is being sought to contribute to and help realise the creative vision of the film. Designing Dean’s flat and creating the fire damage of the explosive climax are the key challenges as are some of the sfx scenes.  The Art Director will work closely with the Director and DoP, and liaise with the producers on budgetary matters.


For all opportunities, please get in touch via email – click here.