Getting ready to shoot!

We haven’t updated this site in a while as a lot of our activity has been exclusive to backers, via our Kickstarter. But as we approach our shoot, I’ll add some content here too.

New Team Members

I’d like to welcome to the team our latest members. Danielle Harvey is our new producer, Anthony Neale is our production designer and Poppy Lloyd is our casting director. And while I can’t reveal names until things are signed, we have received support from one of the British film industries top foley artists, and we are days away from confirming our very favourite and first choice comedy actor to play the role of Dean.

Set Build/Location

Anthony is planning to build Dean’s flat, and here we are visiting the space we think we might do it.

Recceing a possible build space photo 2015-02-04 12.42.53_zpszdqk4jd0.jpg

Sound Asleep successfully funded on Kickstarter

Thank you!

Thank you so much to all our backers on Kickstarter and to everyone who shared and posted about the project. Thanks to you we not only successfully reached our funding goal, we exceeded it by 25%. The project is now greenlit and we are currently casting, hiring a few additional key crew members, working on locations and developing effects. We are also working on the rewards that you have chosen.


Kickstarter Campaign Highlights

The kickstarter campaign was fun, exciting and challenging. Some of the highlights include: Nadaav being interviewed on London Live with a pillow over his head, leading a massive pillow fight in Trafalgar Square and counting it in with the help of Barking Bateria samba band, being retweeted by insomniac comic actor Matt Berry, telling bed time stories, running laughter yoga and another pillow fight to a sleep-over party of 200, giving away loads of prizes, and our final closing party with live music, live opera, short films, magic and quizzes all themed around sleep.


There’s still time to back us and get your rewards!

But it’s not too late to get involved. If you would like to join the team of backers and supporters helping make Sound Asleep happen, and attend our backers only parties and events, and maybe even be in the film, have a look here.


Here are a few photos from the month.  For more, check out the kickstarter updates.


Sound Asleep Trafalgar Square Pillow Fight – Our Kickstarter Launch

Wow! We launched our Kickstarter campaign with a massive pillow fight!

Sound Asleep Team after Trafalgar Square Pillow Fight and Kickstarter Launch

Sound Asleep Team after Trafalgar Square Pillow Fight and Kickstarter Launch

Sound Asleep is a short comedy about insomnia. And the very best fun you can have when you are stuck in bed and can’t sleep is a pillow fight. Or at least the most fun thing we are allowed to talk about here! So we hit trafalgar square with a ton of pillows to launch our kickstarter campaign.

And Wow! I think that might be the best kickstarter launch ever! Several thousand people bashing each other with pillows in central London. There was a samba band (Barking Bateria), lots of pyjamas and some amazing outfits.



We were featured in the press, including this cheeky article in Timeout. And we took rather a lot of photos.  Check us out on Kickstarter, if you haven’t already.

Sound Asleep at the London Pillow Fight – Photos


2013 was London’s biggest ever pillow fight and Sound Asleep made it happen

We love flash mobs and wanted to make one so we could bring our film to a bigger audience. Sound Asleep is all about bed time, so we decided on a massive pillow fight, in pyjamas.

You can tag yourself, view loads more and enter our competition on our facebook page.

Note to press, journalists and other organisations – if you would like to use any of our photos please get in touch – we are happy to discuss giving you non-watermarked versions: email soundasleep

Sound Asleep Promo Video Wrapped! Check out the photos


We just wrapped the promo shoot for Sound Asleep


While we edit the video, which introduces a few of the crew and tells a little more about the story, feel free to enjoy these behind the scenes photos, taken by Digpal Singh Rathore – everyone you see is part of the Sound Asleep crew.


 photo photo2_zpsf572bbab.jpg

writer / director Nadaav is having trouble sleeping


 photo photo4_zps75a04493.jpg

producers Ajay and PAul practise their lines



 photo nsoudrysoundasleeppromobts_31-03-13_006_zps7dc8935e.jpg

The crew struggle to stay awake.

L to r: Producer Paul, Casting Director Annie, Writer/director Nadaav, producer ajay, director of photography allen della vaLle




 photo nsoudrysoundasleeppromobts_31-03-13_001_zps9290b9b4.jpg

the crew didn’t realise they’d have to learn lines.

 photo photo3_zps222722c4.jpg




 photo nsoudrysoundasleeppromobts_31-03-13_003_zps2e04ae46.jpg

Finally a happy crew!


Welcome To Sound Asleep – A short film comedy about insomnia.

You’ve found Sound Asleep – A Short Film Comedy

This site is still a work in progress as we prepare to launch the final push of our funding campaign. You have found us in our infancy, a perfect time to get involved. While you are here, have a little read about the film.



I’m a part time insomniac.  There, I said it. Dean is an insomniac too. And Sound Asleep is the story of the night Dean finally cracks.


Dean Just Can’t Sleep

Dean Peels is a self help writer who can’t seem to help himself.  With that name maybe it was inevitable that his need for sleep would permeate his life. Even his motivational books are peppered with accidental references – titles like Wake Up And Smell Your Success, Get Up and Take Control of Your Future, and my personal favourite, Stop Dreaming – Start Winning.


Dean’s inability to sleep has driven his girlfriend away and his social skills have been destroyed.  He now lives his life out of sync with the world, or at least in the wrong timezone.  He never sees anyone else. But he hears them.  Oh, he hears them alright! At least he thinks he does…


Tonight is the umpteenth time in a row that Dean is kept awake.  But this night, Dean won’t take it lying down!


Not quite a silent film

Sound Asleep is a no-dialogue film, but not quite a silent movie. Sound design is central to the film as we hear all the noises that keep Dean awake, and he tries to work out how to deal with them. The performance is influenced by the golden age of silent comedy, and the physical comedy of Rowan Atkinson, but brought bang up to date. It’s a strikingly unusual take on a subject that has affected most of us at one time or another. It’s stylish, witty and universal.


Funding and Shooting Status

Sound Asleep is the second independent short comedy written and directed by Nadaav, after 2010′s The Opera Singer. Producers Ajay Arora, Paul Giordani and junior producer Shyam Popat are now driving the project forward, and production is set for summer 2013. The project is partially funded and with the help of Annie Rowe we are currently casting the role of Dean.


If you want to know more or get involved, drop us a line. You could also have a look at our Be A Part Of It page, which outlines our current opportunities – at the moment financiers, exec producers and production designers.  We’d also love to hear from artists (digital, drawing etc).


Product Placement and Branding Opportunities

The film has some product placement/branding opportunities, especially for sleep spas/sleep centres, and other sleep related products (sleeping pills, remedies and aids, bedding and mattress brands, ear plug brands, sleep clinics etc).  Please get in touch if you are interested in this unique branding and sponsorship opportunity.