Behind the scenes on the New Aldi Wine promos

Last week I directed a shoot for a series of web promos for Aldi, which according to wine critic Olly Smith, stocks some top quality wines for bargain basement prices. So we invited Olly down to help us do a tasting. 

Lifestyle / Wine Promos

The films are nicely shot lifestyle style videos, with Smith talking us through the age old challenge of which wines go with which foods.

I’ll post the films soon, but here are a few behind the scenes photos.
 photo 2014-10-21171657_zps043ff93d.jpg

 photo 2014-10-21184036_zps4e9129b8.jpg

 photo 2014-10-21184032_zps8fdf487e.jpg

 photo 2014-10-21172840-1_zpsab5fe362.jpg

 photo 2014-10-21172810_zpsf1a8c756.jpg

 photo 2014-10-21172802-2_zpsbf51d26e.jpg

 photo 2014-10-21172712_zps08da87d2.jpg

 photo 2014-10-21172656_zpsf2041fb4.jpg