Motion Capture Shoot at Centroid

Here is a quick shot from the behind the scenes of a motion capture experimental film I directed at Centroid yesterday. That’s me at the back, directing while watching the pre-vis. Thanks to Lighthouse Arts, Centroid, and my collaborators.

People sometimes ask me if I can direct multi-cam. They usually mean between 3 and 6 cameras.  How about 80+ cameras? That’s how many we used for Me & My Shadow.

Behind the scenes at my motion capture shoot

Shadows Kissing

Working Lives: Georgia is currently on air on BBC World News

My documentary programme for BBC World News, Working Lives: Georgia, which looks at the people, lifestyles, society and economy of the former Soviet republic is currently on air on BBC World News.  It’s the first time I have been credited as producer, director and editor for a broadcast half hour documentary. (Editor is the new one, in case you are confused!)

The programme is likely to be seen by 250 million people, but sadly you can’t get it if you are in the UK.  As soon as I am allowed I’ll publish it on my site.

BBC Georgia shoot wrapped

 photo wrap0001_zps66455174.jpg

Wrapped in Georgia – Nadaav, Tom and Alek


I’m just back from a shoot in Georgia (the country) for BBC Working Lives on BBC World News. It’s a documentary about the politics and economics of Georgia through a look at some of the people living and working there. I am producing, directing and editing the 30 min piece. Continue reading

Sound Asleep Short Comedy Gathers Pace

If you’re wondering why it’s all gone a little quiet on this page lately, it’s because I’m over here a lot : – that’s the microsite for Sound Asleep – a short film comedy I have written and am directing. It’s the first in a series of Bed Time Stories. I’m also spending a lot of time on Sound Asleep’s facebook page – packed full of photos, videos and fun stuff.

Crowd Funding and Flash Mob

My team and I are doing loads of promotion at the moment, ahead of our imminent crowd funding campaign.  We even led the charge at the massive Trafalgar Square Pillow Fight on Saturday.  According to our facebook, at least 900 of the 1800 pillow fighters came down cos we got them excited about it, but it’s probably a lot more, as we managed to get all the London blogs and listings mags excited too.

And our fast turnaround facebook video has had a reach of 120,000 in its first three hours online.

We’ve just uploaded the YouTube version…


Cities Reborn: Citi 200 Citibank commercial complete

BBC World News / Citi 200 documentary commercial

Another of the Citi 200 commercials, Cities Reborn, a 60 second documentary about the Marshall Plan to rebuild post WII Europe, is now on air on BBC World News. It has some never before seen augmented reality visual effects.

We had a lot of fun making the graphical rebuilds of Berlin. I’ll explain how it was done…

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Citi 200 commercial for Citibank complete!

The History of the ATM

Another in the series of four Citibank Citi 200 years commercials is now being broadcast on BBC World News. The Blizzard of Change is a documentary style commercial that was shot in New York and Singapore. It tells the story of the introduction of the ATM and brings us up to date with 360 Stations – the ATM’s natural successor that will change how we interact with our banks once again. The film features some great 1970s commercials and some clever but very subtle visual effects – can you spot them? (I’ll explain below).

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Documentary style commercial to broadcast on BBC World News

Citi 200 Years documentary commercials airs this weekend

Those outside the UK will have the chance to watch a first screening, and for those  with short attention spans it’s just perfect – an entire history lesson in 60 seconds. It’s the story of how the 1866 Transatlantic Telegraph Cable changed the world. It’s a commercial / branded content documentary for Citi (formerly known as Citibank) and is the first in a series of four. Continue reading

Green Film-Making Credentials

I thought I should write something about my attitude towards the environment, and how you might see it when you work with me.

It is possible to make great films and be environmental

I take environmental matters seriously, and have a well below average carbon footprint.  The main way you might notice this when working with me is that I will probably turn up to most meetings and shoots in cycling gear. Not because I like lycra (I don’t), just because I cycle everywhere. Well, everywhere within reason, but come rain or shine and even in the current snow I am on my bike.

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Interactive Film Drama In Production

Choose Your Own Adventure style corporate video

I am working with Inside Job Productions, a social enterprise, to make an interactive video for charity Red Kite Learning. The film, called Tell/Don’t Tell is aimed at ex-prisoners and ex-offenders, and considers some of the key decisions they must make following release, especially around getting a job and disclosing their criminal records to potential employers. Continue reading

Interactive Star Wars Spoof complete

Just finished a job for a top secret client. It was a Star Wars spoof featuring their executives in key roles in the film: Luke, Han, Obi Wan and Leah.  All shot on green screen, it featured an original R2D2, original x-wing pilot helmets, and we had the interior of an x-wing fighter built specially by the model makers from Event Horizon.

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Freshfields Recruitment Observational Documentaries

I recently completed a third series of day in the life style recruitment videos for magic circle law firm Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer. The films are in a style that I developed for the firm a year ago. They asked for something a bit more exciting and energetic than typical law firm films – something that showed the excitement but also resilience required to be a trainee at the firm.  The videos were shot in London and New York.  You can read about the technical and legal issues involved here.

Shooting in USA: Insurance for small film, TV and corporate productions

Freshfields Films Delivered

This week I delivered the latest series of films for Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer. This is the 6th series I have made for them and cements a great relationship with a great client. The films are similar to the last series I made for them in the UK, but have a more international theme, including a shoot in New York City. The legalities and insurance issues around filming in USA, especially when using a mixture of UK and US kit and crew are always a little complex. In the spirit of sharing, here’s what I learned.
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The Opera Singer to screen at Raindance 2011

The first short to screen at two successive Raindance festivals

Well it’s the film that keeps on giving. Just got a call from Raindance Film Festival who will screen The Opera Singer for a second year running. It’s the first time ever a short has screened at two successive Raindance Festivals. This time it will show in front of the Argentinian feature, Beyond The Road. I’m flattered and excited, after all it was made in a weekend for about £90, midwinter in deepest darkest Hackney.

Meanwhile here are some behind the scenes photos from the shoot by Jane Hobson.

Freshfields commission a 6th series of recruitment videos!

I’ve just gone into production on a 6th series of corporate videos for magic circle law firm Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer. It’s another series of recruitment videos, shot in a lively and exciting style that I developed for the firm last year. Should be a busy month!  I’ll post them when they are up – in the mean time feel free to check out the last two series I made for them: in China, and in London.

Lebara commercial in the can!

I have just completed directing a 40 second TV commercial for Lebara Mobile, featuring their new charity campaign aiming to build schools and enhancing education in ten under developed countries.

The film featured lots of children singing and playing, here in the UK as well as some filming with street children in Ghana and India.  It’s the first time in years that I have worked with so many children and it was really exciting and refreshing.

I worked with some regular collaborators and some new ones. Here’s the film.