90s Nostalgia – Filming a commercial with Tony from East 17

I’m not one for Xmas music. Or pop music for that matter. I never know what’s at number 1 in the charts. Which is why I was clearly the number 1 choice of producer / director for a brand video for Morrison’s with Tony Mortimer, of East 17. He wrote 1994’s Christmas number 1, Stay Another Day. Complete with furry white coat like in the original music video, Tony appears in a tongue-in-cheek film about how Christmas music is annoying rubbish.
Tony Mortimer from East 17 and me photo 2015-11-25 09.07.15_zpsdrnkof33.jpg

Christmas Video

It’s been 21 years since Stay Another Day. No one is quite sure why it’s a seasonal song – it’s actually about losing a relative, but some industry impresario was clearly on to a winner when they decided to add in some Christmassy chimes and lo-fi snow effects. So for nostalgia’s sake, let’s take one more look at a fresh faced Tony and his bum-fluff faced chums.


So this really only leaves one question. How’s the Morrison’s video looking? It’s Alright!

Tony Mortimer photo 2015-11-25 09.09.29_zpsgeunvkg4.jpg