7 videos in one day! UK Budget 2016

Last minute request: 7 video responses to the Chancellor’s speech, all online in a few hours!

I have a long standing relationship with New York based global law firm White and Case. I often make relatively fast turnaround Thought Leadership style pieces for them. These highly targeted videos are part of their ongoing PR and sales strategy. Usually I turn around a video in a few days. I also do a little media training there.

On Monday 15th of March I was in their offices for media training, when they informed me that they wanted to shoot a video that day, and have it online that evening. And they wanted to shoot another 6 the next day, and have them online that same evening too. And continue with the media training at the same time.

I love a challenge, and in terms of timescale, surprises and multi-tasking, this was certainly that.  For the full story, read on…

It was around noon. They wanted to shoot at 4pm. We had no kit or crew on site. And I was still training. I called on a great DP collaborator, got him down, and within a couple of hours we were ready to shoot White and Case’s predictions for the UK budget. A fast turnaround edit saw it online that same night.

But the next day took things to a new level. The budget was at noon. It would be 3pm before the lawyers had gathered their responses. Six lawyers wanted to make a video response each. And they wanted the first one online by around 8pm.

Typically you might have a producer, cameraman, an assistant or two, edit producer and several editors to deliver that. Maybe 7 or 8 people. Our budget and timescale meant we had just 3 of us. But fuelled by coffee, adrenalin and excitement, by 8 the films were being uploaded, staggered through the evening.

The films are simple, effective video responses, and given the timescale, late notice and budget of the task, I am very proud of what we achieved. You can see White and Case’s budget responses in full context here, or via youtube above.